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Genesis is a fast growing solar start-up with more than $80 Million in sales in our first two years.  We are hiring and expanding right now and have found value in connecting with well qualified applicants who are currently excelling in another job, but are looking for more opportunity, growth, or income.

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Peter Swenson, CEO

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We’re here to innovate, disrupt, and overtake an industry with an ambitious team of killer talent. Wanna tag along?

Culture & Qualification


We’re actively looking to make the people around us better and ultimately give more than we take.

Extreme Ownership

This is an anti-victim mentality. We believe that there is a creative way to take responsibility for every area of life. It’s OUR success, OUR failure, and ultimately OUR fault when things happen.


We want our employees to have a sustainable approach to life. It’s not good enough to have a great career. We need to grow mentally, relationally, spiritually, and physically as well.

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Our mission is to help our team members develop the mindsets, skill sets, and assets to pursue their passions in life.
— employee Testimonials

Don't take our word for it

Grow as a leader and build confidence.

Working with Genesis over the past year has helped me grow as a leader, build confidence, and helped me envision the future man I would like to become! To be surrounded by such a strong community of like-minded leaders on a daily basis has challenged me to be the best version of myself. Where we see failure, we also see progress. The willingness to do hard things on a daily basis and fail far more often than others is what sets us apart and is what will put us ahead!

Joey Halvorson
Joey Halvorson

One of the greatest investments you can make into your future.

Genesis has allowed me to set myself up for my future both financially and professionally. It is the hardest work I have ever done, but also the most fulfilling. Things that are worth doing are never easy, and the reward and influence you can develop through this company is one of the greatest investments you could make into your future.

Gabe Rogers
Gabe Rodgers

Change your mindsets and level up your game.

I’ve been with Genesis for a year now & I have personally & professionally grown sooo much! The opportunity they have given to me & my future self is life changing. My mindset has changed & I am no longer being capped on my potential the leaders I’m surrounded by are taking my game to extraordinary levels. I love my team & love serving them everyday!

Esperanza Martinez
Esperanzá Martinez

Surround yourself with inspiring and purpose-driven people.

Being on the team for the last two summers has sharpened my leadership skills, given me financial freedom, and increased my confidence. I have gone from working typical jobs filled with monotony to surrounding myself with inspiring, purpose-driven people who have become my closest friends and BIGGEST supporters. Genesis can be transformational for those with an ambitious, self-starter mentality who are willing to put in hard work for a truly unmatched return on investment.

Nolan Francis
Nolan Francis

Fantastic training and great leadership.

I love working for Genesis. I came into this job with zero door to door experience and saw immediate success thanks to the fantastic training they have in place. And I was able to continue my success and grow thanks to all of the great leaders at Genesis coaching and supporting me.

Emmett Sheehy
Emmett Sheehy

Real opportunities for growth.

I’ve been with Genesis since January and it’s the best job I’ve ever had! The leaders all genuinely care about getting us to the next level financially and emotionally. The Florida team is super fun we all get excited for each persons accomplishments. There are also many opportunities for growth which is very motivating.

Sarah Rupp
Sarah Rupp

"One of the best financial and life decisions I have made so far."

For the majority of my college career, Genesis has served as the backbone for my personal growth. My time at Genesis has not only pushed me to become a better version of myself, it has provided me with leadership and culture that have invested into me in more ways than I can count. I joined Genesis my sophomore year with an empty bank account, and very little sales experience. Today, I can safely say it’s been one of the best financial, and life decisions I have made so far. I am blessed to be apart of team Genesis Power Solutions.

Nick Fischer
Nick Fischer