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Harnessing the Sun: The Rise of Solar Energy in Mesa, Arizona

A short explanation on why solar makes so much sense in Mesa, Arizona.

Mesa is the third-largest city in Arizona. Home to over a half-million residents, it's a bustling gem nestled in the heart of the Sonoran Desert and famed for its sunny weather. The overabundance of sunshine makes Mesa an ideal setting for solar energy, and in recent years, this renewable energy source has experienced substantial growth and acceptance in the city.

The Sunny Potential

With an average of 301 sunny days per year, Mesa is a leading location for solar energy generation (Best Places). The solar industry's growth in the city aligns with statewide trends. Arizona ranks third nationwide in terms of generating solar power, a testament to the state's commitment to renewable energy (SEIA).

Expanding Solar Capacity

As of 2021, Arizona has 4,533 MW of solar electric capacity installed, capable of powering more than 752,000 homes (SEIA). The local government in Mesa is leveraging its abundant sunlight by implementing policies that encourage the use of solar energy. The Clean Energy Plan in Mesa marks a significant policy towards achieving this goal. It aims to operate city facilities with 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 (Arizona Republic).

Solar and the Local Economy

The solar industry is also proving a stimulant to job creation and economic growth in Mesa. As of 2021, there are 233 solar companies in Arizona, employing around 7,310 people across various segments of the market, including manufacturing, installation, distribution, and project development (SEIA).

Incentives for Solar Installation

Many incentives make installing solar power systems more affordable for Mesa homeowners and businesses. These include federal investment tax credits and state tax credits, which can cover up to 25% of installation costs (DSIRE).


Given the numerous sunny days, along with generous incentives and a commitment towards renewable energy from local authorities, the future of solar in Mesa, Arizona, is shining brightly. The city serves as a strong example of how embracing solar energy can power communities sustainably, create jobs, and stimulate local economies.


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