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Without solar, your electricity bills could triple over the warranted life of your panels, costing you 300% more than necessary. Take control, lock in your energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing solar today. Don't wait for later, start today.

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  1. Qualification - Not everyone is a good fit for solar. First you need to find out if your roof, usage, credit score, and local utility company align with the right requirements.
  2. Consultation - Our solar experts will put together and go through a personalized solar design for you and your home which you can use to determine if you're ready to go solar!
  3. Installation - Our install partners will get your panels up and running for you with minimal effort on your end.
  4. System Goes Live - Your system is up and now you're all set to have a house that is powered by the sun!

Tips and faqs

Are there government incentives for installing solar panels?

Yes, many local governments offer incentives, tax credits, and rebates to encourage solar adoption. Each utility company and government offers different incentives that can change year over year. That's why it's important to have a professional who has your best interest in mind guide you through the process.

Can solar panels be installed on any type of roof?

Solar panels can be installed on most roofs, but the suitability depends on factors like roof orientation and shading. We typically do not install on clay roofs.

Can solar really meet all of my energy needs?

Solar absolutely can cover all of the energy needs for your home. The reality is most systems are not built that way though, because when you build a system you want to make sure you're leveraging the rate plan that your utility company has for solar, and if you're putting too many panels on the roof, sometimes it's not in your benefit. So can solar panels meet all of your home's energy needs? Yes. Should they? It all depends on the utility that you're in and how they have it set up to work with solar.

How do solar panels impact the resale value of a home?

Homes with solar panels often have higher resale values and are considered more attractive to environmentally-conscious buyers.

What maintenance is required for solar panels?

Solar panels have minimal maintenance needs. Occasional cleaning and checks for damage are advised and can be monitored through the app.

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solar only makes sense if it saves cents.

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25 Year Warranty on Panels and Installation

We guarantee that our solar panels will work as they should for 25 Years.

Install Teams Trained by Manufacturer

Our installation teams are handling the panels as they were made to be handled. We're also licensed, bonded, and insured.

BBB A+ Rating

The highest rating in the BBB because of our customer service and good business practices.

And after installation, the customer said that it was Very Good.

Genesis has been helpful and friendly this entire process. They communicated throughout the install and worked with me to get inspections completed. I greatly appreciate the time and patience they took to keep me informed and to teach me about my new system and how the billing will work. Excellent company. Will definitely recommend
Patty Sanchez
The gentlemen that worked with me on getting my system were all a pleasure to work with. They were all very respectful and answered any questions I had. Special thank you to Joey Halvorson, Zach Davis and Dane Cava. You guys were really helpful with everything…. I appreciate it and I appreciate all of your hard work.
Rich Trelease
Very professional company, kept me up to date thru out the process. I've seen substantial savings off my electric bill every month even when calculation loan payment.
Brad Toffelmire
We had a great experience with Genesis Power Solutions. They came highly recommended to us. They coordinated each step of the process. Communication was good. When we had a question, they were very responsive. Each person we encountered in the process was helpful and informative.
Sue Dudley
"Had a great experience with our sales guy, Sean Enright. Very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all our questions. Didn't feel like the normal pushy salesman experience that you get with some solar companies."
Lesley Sparrow
"The whole Genesis team from beginning to end of install and beyond has been friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. Already seeing savings on our power bill since turning on our system."
Stephanie Hanley
"I spoke with Nolan today. He was interested in helping to reduce our electric bill. Although, our residence won't benefit from the savings plan he was offering, he offered some great advice on how to, alternatively, take action and lower our costs. He was very knowledgeable and well informed. I had a great time speaking with him and hope others have the pleasure of working with him."
Tom T
"Genesis provided outstanding service to my home last year. Since then, my system has saved me a good chunk of change during summer. They also came back to my residence to do a follow up and see how we liked the system and to ensure we got the most bang for our buck."
John E. Brand IV
"I was always a little skeptical of "Solar" energy. After looking at the math, this just makes sense. I wish I could have done this years ago. Highly recommend this company!"
Jamin Dailey
"From start to finish, our solar experience was informative, quick, easy and a great decision. Their customer service is top of the line, answering any and all questions we had. Their process for installing and setting up our service was so streamlined, keeping us informed every step of the way, handling all the permits and inspections, making it a great experience. Their install crew was professional, friendly and kept a tidy work area. Highly recommend."
Tammy Payne
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